Stefano Landini

Stefano Landini

Senior Graphic Designer

US Citizen, born in Milan, Italy, Bachelor in visual communication. Currently living and working in Nevada City, California.

Ortelius for EU
Studio Bassi
2003 - 2007
Volo Studios
2007 - 2012
Landini Design
2012 - present

I excel in managing and executing all graphic design needs of a company. Can work in a team or alone.

Ortelius  |   Studio Bassi  |   Volo Studios  |   Landini Design

Client: Ortelius
Role: Project Manager and Lead Designer
Projects: Logo, student diary, brochure, newsletter and guides.
Year: 2001

Ortelius is an Italian consortium comprising the University of Florence, the Education Documentation Library, the Olivetti computer company and the Giunti Multimedia publishing company.
The consortium was awarded by the European Union and given the task to design and carry out the database project.

Ortelius  |   Studio Bassi  |   Volo Studios  |   Landini Design

Client: Studio Bassi
Role: Lead Graphic Designer
Services: Designed and oversaw the production of books and magazines.
Year: 2003 - 2007

Studio Bassi is a graphic studio specializing in the creation of books and magazines, also collaborating with RCS MediaGroup for the production of a high-end line of art books.

Ortelius  |   Studio Bassi  |   Volo Studios  |   Landini Design

Role: Co-founder
Services: Designed and developed corporate web sites and marketing materials. Evaluated, recommended, and implemented solutions for web and print applications.
Year: 2007 - 2012

Volo Studios was a successful, total-solution media communications, and web technology company.

Client: Cadica Usa
Services: Designed prototypes for labels and hangtags for over 200 companies in the Fashion Industry including Guess, Ike Behar, Cremieux, Nat Nast, Pedro del Hierro and many others​​.

Cadica USA is a branch of Cadica Group, the Italian company leader in the design, production and supply of hangtags and labels for premium fashion brands. .

Client: Giovanni Busco, Inc.
Services: Designed logo and jar food labels.

Giovanni Busco, Inc. is a family operated company making gourmet products that preserve the characteristics only found in the Italian rural areas. The “Caponata Siciliana” is the first of a line of specialties aimed at awakening the senses to the natural, simple and genuine flavors of the colorful Italian heritage.

Giovanni Busco - Caponata Siciliana
Giovanni Busco - Sugo di Napoli
Giovanni Busco - Paté di Taormina

Client: Taguchi Now!
Services: Designed logo, emails, direct mail, and landing pages.

Tagichinow! Is an advertising and marketing optimization company using the Taguchi Method for multivariate testing applied to marketing and advertising to increase email, direct mail, and landing page conversion. Clients vary from small internet start-ups to large corporations.

Taguchi Now! - Phoenix
Taguchi Now! - Phoenix
Taguchi Now! - Charlotte
Taguchi Now! - Charlotte

Client: Apollo Arts
Services: Designed logo, promotional brochures, posters and programs for various performances.

Apollo Arts is a non-profit organization providing a form that facilitates performances of ballet, music, and theatre at the highest level possible.

Apollo Arts
Apollo Arts
Apollo Arts
Apollo Arts

Client: Apollo Olive Oil
Services: Designed logo, bottle label and promotional brochure and flyer.

Family-owned and operated company, Apollo Olive Oil is a world leader producer of premium extra virgin olive oil. Apollo Olive Oil was named one of the top ten oil producers in the world, by the prestigious Italian judging panel, I Mastri Oleari.

Apollo Olive Oil
Apollo Olive Oil
Ortelius  |   Studio Bassi  |   Volo Studios  |   Landini Design

Client: Advanced Automotive Battery (AAB) the leading knowledge conference provider in the Hybrid Battery market in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

  • Responsible for the complete company rebranding and all visual communication
  • Created new logos, website, and digital and print marketing materials
  • Created and managed all conference materials, including booth design, signs, programs, proceedings and direct communication with exhibitors and sponsors

After the successful rebranding, AAB’s visibility and credibility in the market dramatically increased, making it the most distinguished conference organizer in its field, doubling its revenue. The company was subsequently acquired by a larger organization.

Client: Total Battery Consulting
Services: Designed logo, industry reports and website

Total Battery Consulting (TBC), a subsidiary of Advanced Automotive Batteries is a company providing consultancy services for Hybrid Battery companies and a publisher of industry reports.

Report Electronic Version
The report, for copyright reasons, runs on a standalone application installed on a USB flash drive. The view buttons open the encrypted PDF version of the report chapters.

Client: Going for Local
Services: Designed logo, brochure and website (see the offline version)

Going for Local, a site for finding great deals locally. All of the businesses listed in the directory should be locally owned, non franchised and receive no corporate funding for advertising. Each listing offers exclusive coupons and information on how and where to take advantage of them.

After the client approved the website, it didn’t get live due to the project being halted as per the lack of capital investment.

Going for Local
Going for Local

Client: Sierra Nevada Children's Services (SNCS)
Services: Designed logo and website. Please note that Once the project has been delivered and the website deployed, maintenance and revisions are done by the company's internal graphics department. The logo has been manipulated making the readability not optimal and the website has broken links on several pages. This is the link to the website in its original version.

Sierra Nevada Children's Services (SNCS) is a private, nonprofit child care resource and referral agency that has served families, early childhood professionals, and the community since 1978.

Sierra Nevada Children's Services
Sierra Nevada Children's Services

Client: Nevada County Italian Cultural Foundation (NCICF)
Services: Designed logo and website (see the offline version)

Nevada County Italian Cultural Foundation (NCICF), a nonprofit corporation with the objective to create scholarships, awards and gifts to those students that pursue studies having to do with the art, music, sculpture, traditions, science and customs that have their roots in Italy. A second objective is to keep the American Italian population aware of the history of Italian contributions to the Gold Country of California.

This project was a gift contribution to honor my country of birth.

Nevada County Italian Cultural Foundation

Client: Frenchtown Inn
Services: Designed logo and website. Please note that After the website was launched, maintenance and updates had been done by the owner/Innkeeper, changing the original design and functionality. Visit this link to view the original website that was delivered.

Frenchtown Inn is located in the Foothills of Yuba County California. The property is 100 acres of rural countryside estate with a seven acre lake and places with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Frenchtown Inn