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For Consumers

  • Save money and invest in your community
  • Find coupons to your favorite places
  • Have fun discovering new businesses
  • Save gas and reduce your impact on the environment
  • Participate in the Trading Post and Classifieds section
Business Owners

For Business Owners

  • Advertise affordably
  • Become exposed to new clientele including tourists
  • Increase web visibility and marketing
  • Contribute to your community, offer your coupons
  • Introduce yourself to the community
  • Distinguish your business as a participant of going for local

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Welcome to going for local,

your go-to site for finding great deals in your town and community. All of the businesses listed in our directory are locally owned, non franchised and receive no corporate funding for advertising. Each listing offers exclusive coupons and information on how and where to take advantage of them.

Check with us first for all your purchasing needs whether it be entertainment and food or goods and services.

Our classifieds section is an excellent resource for finding all kinds of miscellaneous treasures, or post your own!

Check out our trading post if you have goods or services you would like to exchange for another.

Going for local is comprehensive and easy to use with no registration or log-in necessary and is completely free.

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