The Nevada Country Italian Cultural Foundation Inc. was founded in 2011. The present Board of Directors consists of Stephen R. De Sena, Lloyd Young, Frank Machi, Don Mortara, Thomas Tomasello, Erin Vandyke and Stefano Woods. It is a 501(3)c nonprofit corporation and all donations to the Foundation are deductible. There is only one paid person in the Foundation and that is the bookkeeper. The objective of the Foundation is to create scholarships, awards and gifts to those students that pursue studies having to do with the art, music, sculpture, traditions, science and customs that have their roots in Italy. A second objective is to keep the American Italian population aware of the history of Italian contributions to the Gold Country of California.

The Foundation, through its annual Italian Festival, programs by its’ cultural committee, pasta sauce cook-off, dinner and movies, bocce tournaments, cultural lectures and, newsletters tries to keep an ongoing awareness of the Italian culture here in the Gold Country. Due to the mobility of families unknown in the past there is a great need to allow people to know and remember their beginnings and to use those beginnings as a guide to their future. This is true of all people from all ethnicities. Another goal is to bring the simple values of their Italian heritage to light and hopefully ignite these values for the younger generations and to have the younger generations remember the sacrifices, the hard work and industry that has helped to build this county and this country.

One of the ways to accomplish this is for all people who have an Italian piece in their heritage to help with their time, efforts and if possible financially, the Nevada County Italian Cultural Foundation.