Movie & Dinner

What could be more beautiful than an evening with good wine, food and friends outside the hustle and bustle of city life? Dinner and a movie has just the place. One afternoon, a few years ago, we were at the home of our friends, Stefano and Sharon Rose Woods. It’s a marvelous acreage, with an enchanting barn reminiscent of times long ago of horses, cattle and the smell of hay that permeated the air. A retreat nestled off Indian Springs Road, with the quiet ambiance of barns long abandoned by the animals but resurrected as a gathering place for friends to enjoy dinner and a movie. The love of pasta and wine is embraced by every ethnic group. Our event, together with an Italian themed movie, is very successful and has included the showing of Houseboat, Roman Holiday and Moonstruck. This year we plan another dinner on June 27th. At last year’s gathering we all signed a birthday card for the beautiful, classic Italian actress Sophia Loren, to celebrate her 80th birthday. To our surprise, a few weeks later we received a personal thank you note from her. What a treat for our group! Come join us again and meet new friends and share a glass of wine with us all. Salute!

Special Events Committee,
Karen & Hank DiPillo, Erin Van Dyke