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Increase your online exposure, offer coupons and special deals, attract new customers and more business.
Be among our first 100 participants and receive a 6 month, free, no obligation business listing start by filling out the enrollment form on step 4.
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Do I qualify?

The first step to increasing your web visibility, clientele and income with going for local is to make sure that your business qualifies.

As a way of supporting independent businesses going for local uses these qualifiers as a way to distinguish what we mean by "local".

The business you are inquiring about must be able to respond "yes" to all of the questions below to be registered in our directory.

Going for local may ask for more information or proof of eligibility at any time.

  1. Is the business privately held (not publicly traded)?
  2. Do the business owners, totaling greater than 50 percent of the business ownership, live in your local region?
  3. Is the business registered in your state, with no corporate or national headquarters outside your region?
  4. Can the business make independent decisions regarding the name and look of the business, as well as all business purchasing, practices, and distribution?
  5. Does the business pay all its own rent, marketing expenses, and other expenses (without assistance from a corporate headquarters)?

Is the business willing to offer a coupon through going for local?

Going for local reserves the right to determine a business's eligibility.

Step 2: coupon

Questions 1-5 courtesy of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies www.livingeconomies.org



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