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Increase your online exposure, offer coupons and special deals, attract new customers and more business.
Be among our first 100 participants and receive a 6 month, free, no obligation business listing start by filling out the enrollment form on step 4.
The grand opening date will be determined by the completion of these 100 registrations.

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Listing packages

Package choices for those who stay with us after the free promotional period expires, and for new clients joining after March 2012.

Watch our video tour to see how each listing will appear, compare the benefits of each package and see how the site will look at it's launch in November.


*Prices $7.95/mo $12.95/mo $22.95/mo
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Number of coupon offerings 1 3 5
Logo or image  
Extended business description  
Highlighted listing    
Custom made profile page    
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Search engine optimization (SEO)    
*prices are monthly and require a 6 month commitment

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The benefits of a profile page

For those who do not already have a website, the Profile Page can act as your web business card. The Profile Page will have its own web address and will be optimized and marketed for search engines. Click in the image below to see a Profile Page sample.

Profile page

For businesses who already have websites, having a Profile Page is another way to improve your visibility on search engines by cross linking. You will also have a chance to add text targeted to your customer base and considering that you are a locally owned business, visitors to Going for Local are especially interested in you.

Click here to preview what's coming soon and list your business.

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