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Get local

It can be a fun experience finding treasures from shops and boutiques in your area. Because small business owners have the freedom to sell whatever their hearts desire you can find variety and charm behind their doors. Each town is unique so luckily your local merchants will most likely carry products that support the needs of the community keeping your interest in mind.

Locally you have the advantage of the personal greeting and the one-to-one experience. Many times we find ourselves becoming fixtures at some of our favorite coffee houses and cafes because we are welcomed and feel at home by the owners who may happen to be someone we know.

When you shop from locally owned businesses you are directly giving back to your community and yourself. A significant amount of your money will be used to make purchases from other local service providers, businesses and farms, continuing to strengthen the economic base of the community.

Money spent locally also keeps a downtown healthy and vibrant and makes a place a desirable destination for tourists and travelers.

Local merchants care about the community because they are also residents and feel that their town is a place worth living and investing in. They are likely to donate to local charities and fundraisers as well as to make purchases from other people in the area and provide jobs.

You not only have the satisfaction of making a positive impact with each local purchase you make but you can also make a positive impact on the environment and your vehicle while also saving a bundle on gas.


Getting local means:

  • Keeping your town unique
  • Taking advantage of variety and charm
  • Enjoying the personal, one-to-one experience
  • Giving back directly to your community and yourself
  • Strengthening your local economic base
  • Saving a bundle on gas
  • Contributing to a healthier environment¬†
  • Reducing wear and tear on your vehicle

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