History Channel Crew

Frenchtown Inn on History Channel

On July 8, 2020, Frenchtown Inn had the honor of hosting the filming crew of the History Channel's It's How You Get There. They were in town to do an episode on the Yuba-Sutter area. Here is the crew arriving at Frenchtown Inn ready to relax and unwind after shooting on a houseboat at Bullards Bar Emerald Cove Marina. This show will air on August 16. (Note, Amanda, on the far left and Cindy in the middle with the brown shirt on, and Michael, the tall person with the dark glasses on, are part of the Yuba Sutter Lodging Association staff that were accomping the crew).

Frenchtown Inn Lakeside Retreat

Frenchtown Inn: A Remote, Tranquil Lakeside Retreat in Yuba County

Following the trail along the lake at Frenchtown Inn, I started a sleeping doe. She was hidden from view in a thicket beside the water and bolted upon hearing my footsteps. A few yards into her dash, she glanced behind and must have assumed I posed no theat. She slowed to bounce over the high grasses and then stopped about 50 feet away to return my gaze. While i admired her nimble beauty, she quickly lost interest in me and started nibbling on the grass. It was a lovely introduction to the abundant wildlife on this 100-acre retreat in a remote swath of Yuba County. Further along the trail, the second of my footsetups triggered a cascade of activity as birds and animals dove under the water, darted through the grasses, and flew up through the branches of the trees lining the lake. Dragonflies and hummingbirds greeted me along the path. A white egret stood watch over the lake as ducks and geese skimmed lazily across the surface. When I stopped walking to look back across the lake, a frog jumped onto my foot and stared up at me. He was cute, but i told him he was no prince.

Written by Ranee Ruble-Dotts as a travel writer for CABBI.

Patio overlooking the lake at the Frenchtown Inn

The Frenchtown Inn is a little-known retreat in a virtually unknown destination. It's located about an hour and a half northeast of Sacramento, in the northern Sierra Foothils near the western edge of the Rohoe National Forest. While the main attration is the remote setting With idyllic lake view and rich wildlife, there are handful of other nearby attractions including Collins Lake, Bullard's Bar, vestiges of pioneer Gold Rush towns, and the South Yuba River State Park and historic Bridgeport Coverved Bridge.

Frenchtown Inn Patio
Frenchtown Inn Tasting Room

Wine at Frenchtown Inn

With a growing number of vineyards and winemakers in the region, wine tasting rooms have also sprung up. There are currently over a dozen tasting rooms on the newly-created North Sierra Wine Trail map, including the Frenchtown Inn itself, Which pours wines of two local winemakers on Saturday afternoons.
The tasting room and ranch-style inn were both were originally built with a hacienda flair in the late 1960s by the founder of Shakey's Pizza. Current owner Charles Sharp purchased the property 20 years ago with the dream of developing a retreat for groups and families.

In-suite bath of the Rose Room

The Frenchtown Inn offers five habdsomely-furnished guest rooms, including two with private, in-suite baths. The largest room, Dahlia, offers a king-size bed, a private bath with a jetted spa tub, a fireplace, and large sliding glass windows that opens to a view of the lake. The Rose room also offers a private bath, large sliding glass window, and view of the lake, but with a queen size beds. Two other rooms are furnished with queen beds while the fifth room offers two twins.

Frenchtown Inn in-suite bath of the Rose Room

The kitchen and the dining room

The Inn features a large great room with a communal dining table and an adobe-style fireplace, a full kitchen with provisions for making breakfast, and a wall of glass sliders that open to a covered patio overlooking the lake. The table and chairs on the patio provide a quiet perch for watching the lake throughout the day with changing the light. At dawn, mist rises and rolls across the glassy water. Later in the day, the surface of the lake ripples with afternoon breezes. At dusk, the lake becomes still again as the stars shine overhead abd the frogs and crickets serenade the inn's guests.

Frenchtown Inn Kitchen
Frenchtown Inn Dining Room

Christmas in the Foothills 2019

Anticipation for this year’s Christmas in the Foothills was high. Getting an earlier start, chief organizer Christine Mills had organized planning meetings. In October postings in Facebook began appearing. As the fateful days of December 7 and 8 began to approach, more social media postings, local newspaper ads, and signs were seen. The 28 venues were ready for the big day.
Then, anticipation begin turning into worry, rain was being forecast. And, indeed, on Saturday and Sunday, the raid did come. Still, some people did venture out but not nearly as many as was hoped for. That is just how it goes sometimes.

Talented Artist Reception

In early February, the Frenchtown Inn Tasting Room hosted a reception for the very talented sketch artist Auguste Haboush. It was quite festive, there were catered hors d’oeuvres, wine, and even a local jazz band to liven up the afternoon. It was a merry time for all. On April 27 and 28, the Tasting Room will host the North Sierra Wine Trail with Renaissance Winery, Grant-Marie Winery, and Frenchtown Farms. There will be music and more tasty tidbits.

August Haboush
North Sierra Wine Trail

North Sierra Wine Trail

Once again Frenchtown Inn is hosting local wineries on the North Sierra Wine Trail. This year, 2019, three wineries, Renaissance Winery, Grant-Marie Winery, and Frenchtown Farms will be at the Tasting Room, on April 27 and 28 from 12 to 5 pm.

Shakey Johnson

The legend of Shakey Johnson

As some of you might know, the 100 acres that is the Frenchtown Inn site was developed in the early 1970's by Shakey (Sherwood) Johnson. Shakey opened the first "pizza parlor" in Sacramento in 1954 and went on to create Shakey's Pizza Parlor, the first pizza franchise ever.
Shakey had certainly had a sense of humor. When I first bought the property, there were parking meters in the parking lot. Across the lake was his party area, where built three authentic stone pizza ovens. They still work quite well to this day.
As another example, Black Bart was a notorious bandit in the 1870's and 80's. He roamed around the Northern California holding up Wells Fargo stage coaches left and right. Shakey officially designated the entrance easement driveway as "Black Bart Trail".
If you visit the Inn, I have a copy of this book written by his friend Burt Wilson.
~ Charles

Charles Earl Bowles

Black Bart Trail

About a quarter mile northwest from the Frenchtown Inn property, just east of the bridge over Dry Creek, is situated the town of Frenchtown. The Frenchtown Inn property was originally developed by Shakey Johnson, the founder of the Shakey’s Pizza Parlor franchise in 1954. Indeed, the house reflects a pizza parlor type atmosphere.
Shakey had a sense of humor. The dully recorded easement for entrance driveway was designated by Shakey as Black Bart Trail. Who was Black Bart you might ask? He was a bank robber of some notorious reputation in the late 1800’s. Here is a post from the Yuba County Get Out and Explore Facebook page:
On this day 142 years ago in Yuba County history (December 28, 1875), Charles Earl Bowles committed his second holdup when he robbed the North San Juan Stagecoach to Marysville just a few miles north of Smartsville. Known as "Black Bart," Charles was an English-born outlaw noted for the poetic messages he left behind after two of his robberies. Considered a gentleman bandit with a reputation for style and sophistication, he was one of the most notorious stagecoach robbers to operate in and around Northern California and southern Oregon during the 1870s and 1880s.The first stagecoach robbery committed by Black Bart was in Calaveras, the second put Yuba County on the map.

Frenchtown History

North Sierra Wine Trail

About a quarter mile northwest from the Frenchtown Inn property, just east of the bridge over Dry Creek, is situated the town of Frenchtown.
The History of Yuba County, California (Chapter XXIX: Parks Bar Township) by Thompson West, 1879, describes Frenchtown as "The once flourishing little town lies on Dry creek, one-half mile south the New York Township line. Mining was first done in the vicinity in 1852 on Rich Gulch. The first permanent settlement on this site of the town was made in 1854 by Paul Vavasseur. He build a hotel, and kept a store and bar. The town in a few years became quite a center, almost five hundred men making this their headquarters. There were four stores, three salons, three hotels, two blacksmith sops, one bakery, and one barber shop. Since 1870 the place had been virtually abandoned. There are now several dwelling-houses in the town, and a hotel and bar kept by Paul Vavasseur. Some good quartz ledges have been discovered at the head of Rich Gulch. Some mining is still being done there. In 1861, Vavasseur built a small arrastra, which still stands there. In 1878, he built a larger one, which is now in use. Vavasseur makes considerable wine every year. The town derived its name from the large number of French people who settled there."

Innkeeper: Charles Sharp • (530) 418-8151
9858 Frenchtown-Dobbins Rd., Oregon House, CA 95962